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Each training program is customized to meet your unique needs. Below are samples of my workshops.

Little Blue Penguin Leadership

Based on the book Little Blue Penguins this workshop explores what it means to transition into being a leader. After you get promoted what new skills do you need to develop and put to use?

For example:

  • What got you the promotion won't help and it might even hurt you
  • Getting your team to work together
  • Setting goals and working a plan
  • Leaders have to challenge and coach

    Ted will lay out a road map and jump start the process of taking on a leadership position to make you productive faster. This workshop works well as an open enrollment. It is at it's best as an in-house training to get the entire team on the same page and working together. Little Blue Penguin Leadership will have you up and running across the beach to become a better leader!

    Book Cover

    Leadership Development Boot Camp:

    Isotope ActivityLeaders Wanted! Competent people are promoted into management positions and told to become leaders. New skills from a new tool kit are needed when you have direct reports. Here is your chance not only to hear the theories but to put them to the test. This workshop covers the ABC's of supervision including problem solving, when to be directive and/or supportive, delegating, motivation, and coaching. Come prepared to put your skills to the test and become a better leader.

    Delegation & Coaching Skills:

    Can you delegate without guilt and, remain a leader? Yes you can! We'll discuss the skills of delegation, and coaching that leaders use. Leaders, effective leaders, give their group what they can't give themselves. Over time leaders coach and teach for success with a step by step plan. Come find out how, and be prepared to practice your coaching skills in this interactive workshop.

    On the Job Training and Coaching:

    The human element is the most valuable investment in any organization. This hands-on workshop examines the basic skills of coaching, the transference of performance. From putting the trainee at ease, assessing their experience, to using open ended questions and having the learner perform the task, this training program teaches participants how to teach.

    Team Challenge:

    Egg spin activityLooking for something to shake your team up or get them off to a flying start? Is your team is in a rut and you need to challenge them to work together? Are you heading in a new direction, starting a new project, and need something to jump start your team? Then this is the workshop for you. Through a series of exercises your team will be challenged to pull together to complete a series of tasks. These exercises, while not physically challenging, do require your group to engage physically, mentally, and emotionally to complete each challenge. Following each activity the exercise is debriefed to examine how the group worked together. Specifically, attention is focused on leadership, team decision making, group communication, and problem solving. At the end of the experience the group is challenged to find ways of incorporating what they have learned back into their organization's day to day work. This is NOT your same old training workshop.


    Looking for that "Whack on the side of the head" to be more creative? Creativity isn't just for those born with the gift. Creativity is looking at what everybody else sees and seeing something different. It is a set of skills we can all learn. Come explore (and don't expect to sit) the fun side of creativity. Bring your ideas and problems. You will learn techniques you can immediately use to BE MORE CREATIVE!

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