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Little Blue Penguins: Tales for Making the Transition to Leadership

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About the book:

“Strengths can become weaknesses and turn on you when you least expect it.” Dr. Richard Z. Gooding

The skills that made you a star performer can get in the way and prevent you from becoming an effective leader. The key to making this transition is to recognize these different skills and then to practice and develop them. This book lays out a leadership model that includes teamwork, goal setting, and challenge. The model is explained through a series of short stories. At the end of each tale there are questions to help the reader reflect and draw out lessons and applications to use immediately.
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-Keith Kuehn, (Vail, AZ) Executive VP / CMO Risk Management (former) at LexisNexis Risk Management.
  • Little Blue Penguins is a travel guide of sorts. It will help you navigate this journey's path with a range of concepts and tools that every leader can use.

    If you are seeking a resource to guide your thinking and development as a leader, helping you to discover practical answers for yourself, Little Blue Penguins is a great place to start.

    -M. Tardy (Maine, USA) on

  • Very fun and enlightening!

    I love how the book is comprised of a series of short stories, each one illustrating a very clear lesson to be learned. I made it a habit of reading only a few of the stories at a time so that I could carry the lesson with me throughout the day. Very entertaining and enriching! The book also closes with very clear action steps that you can take to extend your leadership abilities. As an entrepreneur, I find this book to be an invaluable resource for dealing with group and team projects. Well done!

    -Thomas Lee "aaalaura" (Columbus, Ohio USA) on

  • Great book for anyone interested in management. It is a creative blend of the art and science of business, leadership, and just living a great life.

    I highly recommend it.

    - Peter A. Hofstetter, FACHE, CEO Northwestern Medical Center, St. Albans, VT

  • I just finished reading the Little Blue Penguins book and found it both helpful and entertaining. The vignettes were easy to read and extremely useful in making you think about leadership issues/situations. It is written in such away that having a discussion will be very easy to do. A great little book that will make it a “must read” for my staff.

    National Speakers Association Member

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