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Ted delivers unforgettable and entertaining Keynote presentations, Corporate Coaching and Leadership Development Programs. From the shop floor to the board room Ted brings to life the struggles of becoming a leader and leaves the group with real action steps. More than training, not just entertaining, it's EnterTrainment!

Ted is a member of the National Speakers Association. He has delivered keynote presentations at conferences and to a variety of organizations including the 37th Annual Wisconsin Asphalt Convention to the Vermont Society of Certified Public Accountants.

Here's a short sample

How Good Companies Ruin Good Employees - 9 minutes


Sample Topics

Little Blue Penguin Leadership - 60 to 90 minutes

Based on the book Little Blue Penguins this presentation explores what it means to transition into being a leader. After you get promoted what new skills do you need to develop and put to use?

For example:

  • What got you the promotion won't help and it might even hurt you
  • Getting you team to work together
  • Setting goals and working a plan
  • Leaders have to challenge and coach

    Ted will lay out a road map that will make your transition to being a leader smoother and more productive in Little Blue Penguin Leadership.

    Book Cover

    The Road Ahead: Leadership and Other Skills for Success - 60 to 90 minutes

    You're good enough, smart enough, and doggone it people like you, so you're on your way to a successful career, right? Maybe not! Come explore this myth and some essential skills like leading, being on a team and solving problems that will make you more valuable where ever you work. Ted takes you on a journey of object and people manipulation in this fun and informative informance.

    Creating Remarkable Effective Teams - 60 to 90 minutes

    If you've ever been on a real team you know they can move mountains! Creating a team can sometimes feel like pushing a ball up a mountain. It doesn't have to be that way though. In this presentation we will look at why groups fail and how to avoid those pitfalls and methods to create team unity to overcome obstacles and be successful!

    Real Teams Do Fight - 60 minutes

    Good teams and great teams fight and they fight with each other. What the great teams do is passionately attack the problem and work together. What they donít do is attack each other. That doesnít happen by chance. It takes knowledge and skill to bring a group of individuals together to become a real team. In this presentation we will bring to life this knowledge and hopefully gain the experience to transfer the lessons back to work. We will also discuss how a famous group of mariners was able to create a highly functional team from a collection of less then trustworthy individuals.

    Circus Skills for Teams - 60 to 90 minutes

    When you think of the circus you might think of the amazing performers, the animal acts, or even the clowns. What you probably donít think about is the amazing amount of teamwork it takes to move, build, and produce it. Step right up and explore the different types of teamwork: Interchangeable skills where everyone pitches in; Coordinated skills when we all have our jobs to do within a larger process; and finally our Unique skills and talents that have to be done on our own. Each has a place in creating an amazing show and as we will see an amazing place to work.

    The Slight Edge - 60 to 90 minutes

    Want to see big differences in your results at work and in your life?† Who wouldn't, right?† What we focus on makes a big difference in our ultimate success or failure.† Looking at top performers and what they do might leave us feeling humbled and inadequate.† But on closer examination we tend to find they aren't a lot†better then their competition. Instead top performers focus on a few critical factors that make them successful. Then they work to be consistently just a little better on those critical factors. Over time those little differences make for huge rewards. What would a slight edge mean for you over the next month, year, your career?†

    Becoming the Best - 45 to 90 minutes

    How to become one of the best in anything is our focus in this interactive workshop. Participants are introduced to the skill of juggling to engage their spirits, their minds and their bodies. Keeping this new skill in mind they are asked to reflect on what it might take to become one of the best. This is then the jumping off point to focus in on individual gifts, skills, and talents. Finding those talents and then following their own advice participants see how they can become One of the Best!


    Showmanship for Presenters - 2010 National Speakers Association, Nashville, TN

    Circus Skills for Teams - 26th Annual Brockport RA Conference

    Coaching for Performance - New York State Library Association

    Real Teams Do Fight - Rochester Business Alliance

    The Road Ahead: Leadership - Thiel College First Year Experience

    Honesty at Work: Righteous Indignation? - Northwestern Medical Center, VT

    The Road Ahead: Leadership - RIT Residence Life Staff Training

    Creating Remarkably Effective Teams - Conference on Management and Executive Development Programs

    Looking Below the Surface to Create Effective Teams - NY State Park & Recreation Society Conference

    The Slight Edge - Eastman Kodak

    Adding More Zing to Your Training - Genesse Community College

    Getting More Out of Yourself and Others - Heritage Christian Services

    Making a Difference - Rochester City Recreation Department

    The Mind of a Leader - Monroe Community College

    Getting It Done - Key Bank


    Make your next meeting one to remember by scheduling a customized talk. Pulling on over 20 years of experience and training Ted can customize a presentation for your group in the areas of leadership, teams, communication, problem solving, on the job training and more. All of Ted's presentations are guaranteed to be informative, engaging, and entertaining!


    Whether you are looking to facilitate a strategic plan, find ways to work together, or just to have fun together, youíve come to the right place. Ted has facilitated retreats for organizations like EDS in Texas, Heritage Christian Services, Northwestern Medical Center in Vermont, Pedorthic Footwear Association, and Milwaukee Public Schools. All programs are customized to fit your unique needs and time frame. Call or email so that we can start planning for a successful meeting together.

    National Speakers Association Member

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